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Sales, pricing & metadata

With Type & Tell, you receive 100% of the net profits from each sale. Boost those sales by getting your book's metadata and price right.

The advent of online book distribution has made it a lot easier for independent authors to get their titles read and sold. If you’re self-publishing with the intention of selling your book to the public, then Type & Tell can help you to reach a wide target audience by making your title available on a global scale. We’ll distribute your book to major booksellers and online retailers, in the UK and worldwide.

There’s nothing we want more than to see authors become a success. We’ll work with you to maximise sales and discoverability by ensuring critical factors such as price and metadata are in line.


E-book distribution


Online book distributors have seen the publishing industry revolutionised in recent years, with the growth of the e-book market. The idea of self-published authors becoming successful based on the strength of e-book sales alone was inconceivable. Now, publishers will sell e-books alongside print releases as a matter of course.

If you’ve published your e-book with Type & Tell, you’ll be able to make the most of our book distribution network. We’ll make your e-book available with major national and international retailers. Our distribution deal with Ingram Content Group means your book can be bought, downloaded and read on Kindle, Apple, Nook, Kobo and others.  Our distribution contract remains in effect for three years from publication of your book. After this time, you can renew the contract with us. 

PoD distribution


As well as making your book available to buy as an e-book, there’s also the option for online retailers to distribute paper copies via Print on Demand technology. This means that copies of your book will be printed individually as ordered by customers. If you’re starting out as a self-publishing author, and don’t want to risk purchasing a bulk print run that might not sell, then PoD publishing could prove a lot more cost-effective. You can learn about the benefits of this process on our Print on Demand page.





With Type & Tell, you’ll keep 100% of the profits made from your print books and e-books.  Not only will you get control over how your book is distributed, you’ll also get to decide the recommended retail price of your book. Once you’ve chosen a price for your print book, you may choose to keep it the same for the e-book. However, most publishers have found that lowering the price of their e-book has led to more online sales being made. We can help you to determine the perfect price for your book/s, putting you in touch with a publishing professional within your genre, who can help advise you on pricing.


If you’d like to make the most of our worldwide distribution network rather than distributing independently, we recommend you opt for the T&T Plus package. If you feel you’d benefit from added marketing support and mentoring from an industry professional, in addition to accessing our worldwide distribution network, take a look at the T&T Pro package.  Our packages are designed to cater for the varying budgets and needs of self-publishing authors. Here’s what each option entails:


T&T Plus Package


While our basic package is a fine option if you’re looking to distribute your book to friends and family rather than retailers, the Type & Tell Plus package is the best choice if you wish to publish and sell your book in bookstores and online retailers across the globe, with your e-book also being made available for download at all major libraries and online book retailers worldwide.

Additionally, you’ll get the option to supply customers with physical copies of your book by utilising on-demand printing through book distributors both in the UK and further afield. As part of the T&T Plus package, our design team will put together an eye-catching cover to give your paper books and e-books the best chance of attracting readers. Type & Tell’s Plus package also includes:

  • Print-ready and EPUB files of your book
  • Technical review of your files to ensure they’re correct and ready for printing
  • ISBN number supplied by us (you can use your own if you already have one)
  • Legal deposit (official registration of your book in the British Library)
  • Proof copy of your printed book before publication and 10 printed copies after publication
  • 5% discount on in-house typesetting and editorial, marketing & project management services

T&T Pro Package


If you want to push your book sales further by actively targeting potential readers, then the Type & Tell Pro package is for you. As well as distributing your book throughout all major book distributors and online book retailers, we’ll provide you with the tools and training to curate your own effective marketing campaign. We can provide one-on-one mentoring from a self-published author to help you put together a bespoke distribution plan.

This will give you the best chance of getting your book seen and building interest. Our design team will provide specially-tailored marketing materials to support your book promotion. This includes:

  • Digital ad design – Our design team will design a striking visual ad for you that can be used on Facebook and other social platforms. Social media advertising can be an extremely effective driver of sales for self-publishing authors. Ads for your book can be targeted to specific reader demographics and you can easily track your success.
  • Printed marketing materials – We’ll design some stylish marketing materials to raise your profile as an author and promote your book. These could include postcards, leaflets and banners for book signing events.


To maximise your book sales, the T&T Pro package includes premium cover design for photographic and illustrative covers. We’ll also provide high-level editorial and publishing support to ensure your completed manuscript is professionally finished. It can be reassuring to get a second opinion on the overall plot and presentation of your manuscript before the final version is published and distributed.

Just like the Type & Tell Plus package, you’ll get print ready and EPUB files of your finished book, a technical review, proof-copy, legal deposit and ISBN number. The Pro package also comes with 20 printed author copies and 15% discount on all editorial, marketing and project management services.


If you’d like more information on any services available with each package, head over to our prices and services page. Alternatively, contact our team today to discuss any questions you have.

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