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Distribution - Print on Demand

There's never been a better time to self-publish. The advent of digital distribution means information about your print and ebooks can be sent to retailers around the world at the click of a button.

Here at Type & Tell, we utilise on-demand printing technology to produce copies of your book as they’re purchased by customers. Print on Demand has revolutionised the publishing industry, allowing for risk-free printing. In comparison to traditional printing methods, Print on Demand has proven to be a lot more worthwhile for publishers and self-publishing authors for a number of reasons:


  • More cost-effective: With traditional publishing, an initial outlay is needed to fund a bulk print run. Additional, there’s no guarantee that the entire print run will be sold and provide the author with a return on their investment. Even for books written by established authors, print demand can be unpredictable. But with PoD publishing, copies of your book will be produced only when purchased, cutting out the risk of unnecessary expenditure on the author's behalf.


  • More profitability for authors: On-demand book printing ensures profitability for every book that’s sold. As the volume of books being ordered increases, profits also increase due to lessened per-book production costs. This has made PoD book publishing a popular choice for traditional publishers as well as for self-publishing authors.  


With Type & Tell, you’ll retain 100% of the profits made by your book when you self-publish with us. As a self-publishing service, we believe that authors should be rewarded for the work that has gone into creating, publishing and distributing their book. All of your earnings from e-books and Print on Demand books will be paid directly into your bank account each quarter.


  • Storage space isn’t required: With on-demand book publishing, you won’t have to spend money on storing physical copies of your books, which can become an issue with bulk print runs. Also, with traditional publishing, authors run the risk of purchasing too many copies of their book and never selling them all. Rather than taking up physical space, on-demand book printing is a lot more practical, as your digital book files are all that’s required.
  • High quality: On-demand book printing and publishing means that your readers will always receive a freshly printed copy of your book. When a customer or bookstore wants to buy your PoD book, the retailer will place an order for the book to the nearest printing house with your book on file. Once the order has been received, the book will be printed immediately and shipped to the shop or directly to the customer, depending on the buyer’s wishes.

Type & Tell’s high quality PoD books are available in the three most common paperback formats, as well as ebook, and we offer a choice of high quality paper to make your book really stand out. Hardbacks are currently not available, but will be coming soon!


  • More Freedom for authors: You can also choose to order offset print runs to distribute independently alongside your PoD book publishing. Both of these publishing options can be effective in their own ways, but many publishers often limit authors by only offering one or the other. As a self-publishing service, Type & Tell want to give authors as much control as possible in how their book is published and distributed.  Many of our self-published authors have combined PoD with personal print runs to create some great results.


  • Worldwide Distribution: Type & Tell work closely with Ingram Content Group, a company with a distribution and printing network spread across the globe. Our distribution deal means that your PoD books can be made available in all major bookstores around the world, while e-books can be bought, downloaded and read on Kindle, Apple, Nook, Kobo and more.


Thanks to new developments in Print on Demand technology, it’s now just as easy to print one copy of a book as it is to print a thousand. However, it is worth remembering that the more books you print at once, the cheaper the cost per unit. We offer increasing volume discounts for print runs, starting from 100 copies and up, which can be beneficial to use alongside POD book printing. With Type & Tell, the choice is all yours.

You can calculate the price of printing your books using our online print costs calculator. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about printing your books on-demand or ordering a bulk print run, then feel free to get in touch today. Our team of industry experts will be able to address any questions and advise you on the best options for your own publishing needs. 

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