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Publication & Registration

Book Registration

Once your book files are ready for market, then it’s time to get legal. UK law stipulates that all new books must be registered at the British Library and have an ISBN code. All our publication packages include these legal requirements and our team taking care of the admin.


The ISBN number (or International Standard Book Number) is a unique 13-digit string of numbers assigned to all published books and e-books. It lets your book be easily identified by booksellers, libraries, internet retailers and databases worldwide. ISBN registration may seem a minor detail, but it is necessary to sell your book in all bookstores and e-bookstores. As well as being used by retailers for keeping track of sales records, the ISBN registration of your book offers the following benefits:

  • Allows reviewers and booksellers to easily find critical pieces of metadata such as the author, publisher, format and exact edition of the book.
  • Key tool for getting discovered by people e-book readers, reviewers and sellers
  • Booksellers can use the code for making new orders and arranging existing stock

                                                                                                                                                                                                  For authors getting an ISBN for a self-published book, as well as those who are using a publisher, the fee for a standard ISBN number registration is £99. Added to the costs of printing the book, as well as the administration that’s involved in registration, this can be a frustrating burden on authors who are just starting out. Here at Type & Tell, we want to make sure the whole self-publishing process runs as smoothly as possible for authors, which is why you won’t have to worry about the costs and admin involved in ISBN registration if you’re self-publishing with us. All of our publishing packages for both printed books and e-books include the ISBN purchase. 



Legal Deposit


As well as purchasing your ISBN number registration, Type & Tell are also committed to taking care of our authors’ Legal Deposits. If you’re wondering what Legal Deposit entails, it refers to the legal requirement stipulating one copy of every new publication must be sent to the British Library in order to be officially registered. This must be done within the first month of the book being published, with five other designated Legal Deposit Libraries who are entitled to request that a free-to-use copy of your book be sent to their library archives. These libraries are:

  • The National Library of Scotland
  • The National Library of Wales
  • The Bodleian Libraries, Oxford
  • The University Library, Cambridge
  • The Library of Trinity College, Dublin

Legal Deposit has existed in English law since 1662, with a variation of this practice done in almost every country worldwide. As well as printed books and academic materials, Legal Deposit also covers e-books and other materials that have been published digitally. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          There are a number of reasons why Legal Deposit is beneficial for self-publishing authors:

  • It means that all of Britain’s published output can be collected systematically and made available for others to access at any time.
  • Britain’s intellectual record to date and all future publications can be protected. This means they’re able to benefit future generations and become part of national heritage.
  • A national archive of the UK’s non-print published material can also be kept by the Legal Deposit Libraries. This is the best way to preserve websites, blogs, e-journals and CD-ROMs.
  • Publications received by the British Library are listed in the British National Biography, used by librarians and book retailers for stock selection, increasing the discoverability of your book.


If you’re self-publishing a printed book or an e-book with Type & Tell, remember that we’ll take care of your Legal Deposit.  By opting for any of our three publishing packages, you can be sure that the journey of your book from screen to shelf will be a smooth transition. We believe it’s important to inform our authors and provide full transparency at each stage of the publishing process. If you’d like to find out more information about ISBN registration or Legal Deposit, get in touch with our team of experts today, they’ll assist in answering any queries you may have on the publishing process.

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