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Sales, pricing & metadata

With Type & Tell, you receive 100% of the net profits from each sale. Boost those sales by getting your book's metadata and price right.

Pricing your book

According to online retailers, price is the biggest single factor in guiding a reader to a new title. Setting the right price for your book is absolutely critical. But it’s no easy task, especially when you have to take into account genre format variations, international markets, different currencies, printing prices and VAT and business concepts such as wholesale discounts and RRPs (Recommended Retail Prices).


But please don’t be put off, we can help you through the pricing minefield, simplifying the process and offering clear guidance. And in the end, the ability to control the price of your own book is a fantastic asset and an incredibly influential sales tool. For example, many publishers use short discount campaigns to boost sales considerably – and now you too can do this. 


Having control over the price of your book means you can control the profit margin and, ultimately, your own author royalty because Type & Tell does not take any cut of your book's sale.


Sales statistics

With the Type & Tell distribution service, you will be kept up-to-date about your global sales. You can access your monthly sales statistics at any time from your personal Type & Tell online account, itemised by book format and market territory.




Type & Tell does not take a cut of your earnings. And why is that? Because Type & Tell is a publishing service provider. We make our margins and base our business on the quality of our service. We help you create, publish and distribute your book – but at the end of the day, it is your book and your book alone, and your earnings are paid directly in to your bank account every quarter. 


What in the world is metadata?

Metadata is the term given to the digital information about your book. Whether it’s a print book or an ebook, all the core information about your title is distributed to retailers digitally. This is your metadata. It is a crucial component of your publishing process. It gives the retailer, and consequently the reader, information about the title and price of your book, the cover image, the blurb, the format, any reviews, everything that matters, in fact.


This is why metadata is a word you’ll read a lot about. Without good, accurate metadata your book will not be found by potential readers and it won’t sell. It’s also why we attach such importance to your metadata and why we’re committed to helping you to make yours as comprehensive and compelling as it can possibly be.


Describing your own book in the most attractive way possible is not always easy: have you got the right blurb for your potential audience, interesting author and contributor introductions, maybe a review quote or two? We at Type & Tell are happy to help you with all of it, as we want your book to sell as much as you do.


Learn more about sales & pricing in our Help Centre 


Your book, your price, your sale, your profit.

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