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How to Print a Book

There are many talented authors but only a small fraction have taken their talent for writing and moved their book through the publication process. The publishing industry can be difficult to navigate, almost to the point that it makes aspiring writers feel like the process is hopeless. The steps to print a book take a little bit of explanation, but it’s not a process that’s difficult enough for you to give up hope. This article focuses on giving you the information you need on how to get a book printed.

Write Your Book

An easy way to get your book printed is to do it yourself. These days you don’t have to rely on a major publishing company to notice your book and get it into the hands of readers. Consider using a service like Type & Tell to streamline the publishing process. Using the Type & Tell website, you can:

- Write your book our online editor tool or import a finished Word document

- Typeset your pages and choose the perfect interior layout

- Choose between three book sizes to suit your needs

- Design and upload your own cover

Books created with Type & Tell's Book Editor

Publish Your Work

After writing your book in the editor, it’s time to get your work into the hands of readers. Type & Tell offers multiple publishing packages to suit your individual needs.

T&T Basic: The baseline package. Make the process fast and simple and save money in the process. This package includes a proof copy for you to approve, publication, an ISBN, technical review of your copy to make sure it’s formatted correctly for printing (this isn’t a proofreading service, typos and grammar mistakes need to be corrected by yourself) and five author copies for you and your friends.

T&T Plus: This is a middle-of-the-line package that includes on-demand physical and ebook distribution of your book as well as “classic” cover design. You’ll also get ten printed author copies as a bonus.

T&T Pro: This high-end package includes everything you need to get your newly printed book off to a good start. Enjoy benefits like “premium” cover design, a personal publishing mentor, manuscript assessment, proofreading, digital advert design, and printed marketing material.

Type & Tell’s Pro package gives you all of the services you’d enjoy from a traditional publisher, and this added support can make all the difference.

  Bundle logo   Bundle logo   Bundle logo
T&T Basic T&T Plus T&T Pro
£199 incl. VAT: 5 copies included £499 incl. VAT: 10 copies included £3399 incl. VAT: 20 copies included
Buy Buy Buy
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Marketing Your Book

Writing and publishing your book is only the beginning of the journey. If you go through all this effort and no one reads it, was it really worth your time? Here is a quick list of some things to consider when starting the marketing process:

- What kind of cover is your audience attracted by? Design with your readers in mind to get them to pick the book up off the shelf.

- Where are you likely to find your readers? A physical store, or online? Focus your advertising on the format that will get you the best results.

- What else are they reading? Look at successful books and other media in your genre, and try to uniquely emulate the strategies that have given them success.

With the higher end publishing packages from Type & Tell, you’ll receive a good amount of input and support regarding the marketing process. Even if you opt for the baseline package, these tips will serve you well when trying to get the news about your new book out there.


Work Out Cost

This article has gone over some guidelines and steps towards getting your book published and marketed using a service like Type & Tell, but how much will it cost you?

Before going into this process, try to have an idea of what you want out of the experience so you’re not surprised by the costs associated with publishing. If you have no idea where to start, consider checking out a tool like Type & Tell’s Print Run Calculator. 

Put Yourself Out There

Whatever your book idea, leaving your work unpublished will never let your book live up to its full potential. This article has demonstrated that learning how to get a book printed is easy, and that the actual process with a service like Type & Tell is pretty simple too. So why not give it a go?

Use these tips and guidelines to put yourself out there and see what your book can do. Seeing your hard work in the hands of appreciative readers is more than worth the effort. Contact Type & Tell today!

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