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Where to Publish a Book

Many writers have dreamt of the freedom that comes with publishing their own book. Indeed, with the increasing popularity of online book purchase, there has never been a better time to make the move to self-publishing, whether you’re a professional author or a first-time writer. Many people never follow their dream of becoming an independent author, because they just don’t know where to start or they believe that it will cost too much. Traditional publishing companies have also been known to make it difficult for aspiring authors to get their stories out to the public, with their high costs and continual rejection of manuscripts for publication.                                                                                                                                              With a careful production process and successful marketing, it is now a lot easier for independent authors to get their book out to the public and compete with bestsellers. Here at Type & Tell, we specialise in guiding writers through the self-publishing process, while providing them with the means to create, distribute and market their book. Here’s what our industry experts had to say about getting a book published for the first time.


Type & Tell works with

Have the story

To become a successful author, you must first have something somewhat unique to write about. It doesn’t have to be a completely new subject matter of course, there are few of those left, but you can bring your own personal perspective. You may be writing about your own life experiences or producing an engaging piece of fiction. Whatever your niche, you should plan your plot in detail and conduct any necessary research for the book before you begin writing. 

Creating the manuscript

When it comes to writing the manuscript, it’s best to set yourself deadlines in order to maintain a persistent routine. Some people still push the idea that you can’t force inspiration and should only write when you’re feeling in the mood, but in truth, you need discipline to go with the creativity. When trying to complete the book within a set time frame, many authors find it beneficial to set themselves a minimum number of words to type every day, or a target number of pages each week.


Once it’s written, the manuscript goes through an editing process to remove all errors and perfect your writing style. After editing, it is essential to double-check the document. The double-checked document will be much better but not yet completely refined. Typesetting deals with the refining of the final print-ready document. Any aspects of design are included and the pages are organized to produce an attractive looking document. After this stage, you are ready for registration and publication. 

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Book written, typeset
and ready to go?

Publish with Type & Tell

Paying for the publication

One of the common hurdles to having stories told is affording the cost that comes with publication. At Type & Tell we make publishing affordable. We offer authors three options for publication based on their specific needs. These options include:

T&T Basic (£199): For as little as £199, you’ll get to have your book typeset, published and officially registered with an ISBN number. Additionally, you get your legal deposit with the British Library and five post publication authors’ copies.

T&T Plus (£499): If you are a budding author, then this is the option for you. Your book will be distributed to some of the largest book retailers and we’ll design an eye-catching cover for you, not to mention the 10 author copies and the 5% discount for other services that you’ll receive.

T&T Pro (£3399): Professional level authors will find this package ideal. We’ll work with you to reach your target audience and find a place among the best sellers. This option comes with extensive worldwide distribution, as well as full design, editorial and technical services. You’ll also get a 15% discount for other services and the chance to meet with a personal publishing mentor to help you to build your own marketing campaign.

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Discuss your project
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Contact us

If you’d like to chat to a member of our team about becoming a self-published author, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Type & Tell today. We can advise you on working within your budget and help you to decide on the best publishing package for your own needs.