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How to Sell Your Book

Many new authors struggle to market and sell their first book. Type & Tell is a leading publishing services provider for the UK who can help you to master the market and sell copies of your book. We will guide you on how to sell books online and connect you with the leading book sellers to connect with your target readers. We can also help you sell literary titles including inspirational novels and short stories.

Choosing the Target Audience

Most books are designed to meet the needs of a particular group. The content and design need to meet the expectations of the target audience. For instance, a book that targets teenagers should cover topics that they love. Failing to know the intended readers can ruin the marketing and selling efforts.

Connecting with Target Readers

The author needs to find out what the intended readers love to read and where they read their materials. You can then plan to meet them in spaces, whether in person or online to promote the book. Readers are more likely to buy a book that is close to them and addresses some of the social issues they face.


Type & Tell works with

Online Promotion

Type & Tell will help you to connect with the targeted online community. You can sell your book via the leading online bookstores such as Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. You can also promote your book through LinkedIn updates, Facebook postings and tweets. You can also send the message to your closest friends, colleagues, and influencers to spread the word about your new book.

Buyers more often consider buying a product that is frequently advertised and reviewed by other users. You also need to share or tweet all bookstores that have your book. We are ready to link you to the global distribution network to make sure many people know that your book exists.

Creating a Sense of Urgency

You can offer great discounts to your potential readers if they purchase the book at specific times. You can also provide a free copy to any buyer who orders a certain quantity of books. You can make more sales by creating a sense of competition and scarcity. These sorts of ideas and approaches can work perfectly while selling online or via traditional bookstores.

Keep Finding New Angles and Reasons to Promote the Book

Most books generate the greatest interest at or just before publication. As time goes by, interest may begin to wane. You have to come up with practical ways of keeping the book promotion fresh to your target readers. The book needs to remain relevant to the audience for an extended period. Marketing your book is not a sprint but a long-distance run that requires proper planning.

If you plan to attend big book events as a writer, ensure you have some people who have read your book before to share their experiences during that event. You could also request them to review the book on their or other blogs and recommend staff picks to get the word out.


Compelling Cover Design

Most readers value the cover design more than the title, but many readers also love titles that are eye-catching and clear. Beautiful graphic covers featuring bright colour schemes and nice titles attract more of an audience. Covers with sharp imagery attract more attention. We offer cover design with some packages.

Attend Book Events

Good authors must be aware of the regional and seasonal book events run by local and national bookstores. Many readers value book events so you need to seize those opportunities to promote your book. However you need to plan well so that you don’t overwhelm yourself with events. If possible, come with extra copies of your books to all the events. You have to do your shipping on time and ensure you have enough stock. If you are offering online sales, this is where our ‘Print on Demand’ option can really suit.

Develop a habit of using engaging and persuasive language while promoting your manuscript at a book event. Potential readers are very keen to ascertain whether you qualify as a worthwhile author. Express enthusiasm while convincing your target readers. Attending local book festivals can also help you to promote and sell a significant number of copies. Utilise any opportunity that helps you advertise the book.

Working with an experienced and accredited publishing services provider like Type & Tell gives you a great chance of marketing success. We ensure every author reaps maximum profit from his or her literary works by giving you 100% of all book sales, which not every self-publisher does. We are willing to help you employ a number of editing, printing, marketing and distribution methods to give your book the best chance possible of building on your hard work and dedication. For more information, get in touch with us today.