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How to Self-Publish an Ebook

The demand for self-publishing has increased remarkably in recent years. Type & Tell, a leading publishing services provider in the UK, has helped many to self-      publish their ebooks. The convenience and flexibility of online distribution                  motivates many authors to write ebooks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Writing an ebook on your own, and publishing and distributing it online comes with many benefits. Some of the advantages include getting the opportunity to share helpful information and making a substantial profit. Type & Tell is willing to take you through the four fundamental steps of publishing an ebook. The four stages include production and registration, selling and distribution,           marketing and print runs.


Proofreading the Manuscript

Any serious author needs to proofread their work thoroughly before publishing an ebook. You can proofread on your own and correct the errors or hire a professional proof-reader. Type & Tell will ensure your book is properly formatted, and depending on which package you select, we also have proof-readers who can assist you with this task.

Working with professional proof-readers assures you that your ebook will meet the expectations of professional authorship. Readers prefer a well-structured document, without grammar flaws and with engaging language and content. Proofreading assists the author to fix grammar and syntax errors. Our professional proof-readers can also advise you on how to edit and rewrite your manuscript where necessary.

Editing and Rewriting

After proofreading your manuscript, a professional editor will send back the document with feedback for editing and rewriting. Our professional editors have vast experience in copy, content and line editing. You need to consider the feedback provided by your editors carefully. Fix any grammar, style, and consistency issues that the editor might highlight. You can also contact your editor for further clarification if you feel that some instructions are not clear.

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Publish with Type & Tell

Choosing Your Self-Publishing Platform

Type & Tell is a respected company who have helped many authors self-publish their ebooks. Our professionals will help you to format your final manuscript in the ideal PDF file format. We can also help you to distribute and sell your ebook in the leading online stores. Type & Tell also provide you with an ISBN for your ebook.

Protecting Your Work

Protecting your ebook is another crucial step while self-publishing the ebook. You have to ensure there are no loopholes that can be exploited by third parties wishing to reproduce the ebook and distribute it as their original work. Type & Tell covers your ISBN purchase and registry with the British Library to ensure that your final product is on record protected from potential copyright thieves. This is a step that we never overlook, as we value the sacrifice and dedication of our clients towards profiting from their hard work.

Creating a Quality Cover

You can also create a cover that attracts your target readers. Never overlook this step while self-publishing your ebook. Marketing books is quite a challenging task since they are in the form of PDF files. Working with professionals like Type & Tell assures you that your ebook will have a professional format, while with some of our packages we can also provide a visually engaging cover design. Your readers may well decide to judge a book by its cover! Make sure yours looks fantastic with help from Type & Tell.

Placement and Marketing

Once you have completed publishing your work, you may well wish to gain placement to sell your ebook. We will connect you with our existing international distribution network. With some of our publishing packages, our professionals can guide you on how to sell your ebook via reputable online stores like Kobo and Amazon. We can also offer advice to our clients on how to receive their money as readers continue to purchase and download their manuscripts. With us, you receive 100% of all book sale profits.

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Type & Tell is ready to guide you on how to self-publish an ebook. We offer the best publishing services at the most competitive prices, so if you’d like to know more, get in touch with us today