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How to Self-Publish a Book

Deciding to become an independent author can be an extremely rewarding pursuit. Whether it’s your first time writing a book or you’re a full-time professional, a world of opportunity is now open to writers who wish to take the publishing process into their own hands and capitalise on their talent.


For authors who wish to self-publish their work for the first time, it can be difficult to know where to start. This is where we come in. Here at Type & Tell, we offer UK authors one of the leading options for self-publishing. Over the years, we’ve worked with beginners, intermediate writers and full-time professionals to publish their books independently. Using our online platform, you’ll be able to perfect your manuscript and book cover. Our team of experts are on hand to advise on creating the perfect book marketing campaign, whilst walking you through the publishing process. You’ll get more time to focus on writing, safe in the knowledge your book is being placed on the best possible platforms to reach your audience.

We’ve put together this guide to explain a bit more about the self-publishing process and help you to take that first step for yourself. As experts in self-publishing, Type & Tell work with authors to make the whole process as easy and stress-free as possible. We believe that authors should always have the freedom to decide exactly how their books are sold and distributed. 

Writing your book

You can write your manuscript directly into our online Book Editor tool and save it securely as you go along. If you already have a completed book manuscript in a Word Document, then it can be easily imported into our online book editor. Having the manuscript finished means that it has been written, edited, double-checked, typeset and formatted.

Editing your book

Since you’re writing such a high volume of text, there is always the chance of making errors. In order to ensure that your manuscript is professionally finished, the T&T Basic package includes a brief overview and minor corrections of noticeable spelling and grammatical mistakes. For a more in-depth check we recommend purchasing a proofreading service to receive the best results.  With the T&T Pro package, there’s also the option to have your character and overall plot development to be reviewed by a personal publishing mentor.

Design and Formatting

Typesetting refers to arranging the text of your manuscript so that the finished product is both presentable and readable. Following on from this, it will be time to give some thought to the overall design of your book. When choosing a design, you should bear in mind that the cover of a book can be a huge selling point for potential readers.

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Once the manuscript is print ready, it’s time to move to the final stage of the process, which is publishing your book. Type & Tell have a very transparent process which ensures that our authors will always get great value for their money.We offer a variety of publishing packages for you to choose from:

T&T Basic (£199): With this package, you receive ISBN purchase and legal book deposit, a necessary part of registering your book. You will also get 5 author copies post-publishing to use as you please.

T&T Plus (£499): As well as everything that comes with the T&T Basic package, this package includes cover design, distribution among international booksellers and online retailers and 10 author copies.

T&T Pro (£3399): This package offers all of the features of the first two, with a host of additional technical and editorial support, as well as time with a personal publishing mentor, premium cover design, marketing materials and worldwide distribution. You will also get 20 printed author copies.

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Publish with Type & Tell

For authors who are willing to commit to the self-publishing process, it can be an extremely worthwhile venture. If you have any questions about the various steps involved, then don’t hesitate to contact Type & Tell. We have a team of experienced industry professionals at hand, who will be glad to chat about their own publishing experiences with you. We love helping writers to begin their journey into self-publishing and would be happy to speak to you by phone or email today.

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