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How to Publish Your Novel

If you’re an author, then you’ll no doubt be aware that writing and self-publishing a high quality book can be a very difficult and time-consuming process. Transcribing all of your thoughts and organising them into a great story is only part of what’s involved. The real hurdle is getting your work into the hands of your                    audience and trying to make all of the time and money that                                                                    you’ve invested pay off.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Despite these challenges, publishing your own work can also be tremendously rewarding. As an author, it gives you the chance to make key decisions about how your book is sold and distributed. Here at Type & Tell, we work with authors at all levels, guiding them through the self-publishing process so that they can retain 100% of the profits made by their book. We’ve compiled a collection of tips and guidelines to help you with getting your novel written and embark on the journey towards becoming an independent author.

The Writing Part

You may already have the basis of a manuscript or perhaps you haven’t yet put pen to paper. Finding the time to write your book sounds like a pretty straightforward task, but it’s still worth some discussion.

Try to make spaces in your week to remove some of the clutter from your mind and get into the headspace for your writing. Opt for a quieter space and surround yourself with any visual aspects that inspire you.

You should think about the timescale in which you wish to have the book completed by and set yourself a series of deadlines. Proper planning and perseverance are key factors in completing your manuscript in good time.

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Editing Your Book

Many writers want their novel to be absolutely perfect before they move onto publication. This can lead to months or even years of endless tweaking and adjustments. Have confidence in your talent and know when to stop making minor adjustments to the manuscript.

Type & Tell are keen to help all of our authors complete their books to a professional standard. As part of our T&T Basic and T&T Plus publishing packages, a brief overview of your page formatting will be included. The T&T Pro offer a range of editorial services including a personal publishing mentor, to be with you from start to finish during the self-publishing process. 

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Publish Your Book

Once your completed manuscript has been typeset and given an eye-catching cover design, it’s time to decide on how it’s going to be published. Not so long ago, seeking out a publishing house was the only option for authors who hoped to reach the bestseller charts. However, things are now very different. The popularity of e-books has exploded. With successful marketing, independent authors can now find an audience in the mainstream.

Many writers are prevented or deterred from using traditional publishers. On the rare occasion that an author’s manuscript is accepted by a publishing house, the author is usually presented with a variety of conditions that must be followed. This usually involves being prohibited from publishing elsewhere and only receiving a percentage of the overall profit made by their book sales.

With Type & Tell, writers at all levels can take the publishing process into their own hands and enjoy the freedom that this brings. You’ll get your work exposed to readers on your own terms and retain 100% of the profits generated by your book sales. With just a small investment, you’ll receive guidance and advice throughout the whole self-publication process.

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Marketing Your Book

Once your book has been officially registered and given an ISBN number, the next step is marketing.  Type & Tell strongly support the idea that self-publishers should have control over their marketing campaigns for their books. We offer our expertise to help authors market their book. Our advice for self-publsihers would be to consider the following:

Knowing Your Audience: Prioritise marketing strategies that will work for the type of reader you’re writing for. Consider the various benefits of print books and ebooks, the type of aesthetic you should use and the actual content of your ad when making marketing decisions. These decisions should be tailored to your readers for maximum exposure.

Trusting the Experts: Advertising your title to readers is important if you don’t want to end up sitting on a pile of unread books! Some of our available packages at Type & Tell include digital ad design and social media campaigning advice to ensure that you have the best possible chance of reaching and appealing to your readership.

Calculating Costs: If you’re a self-publishing author, you’re going to need to provide some of the funds to get your book printed and noticed. Have an idea of your budget, and recognize that the results of this process will always be proportionate to the time and money that you spend.

To get an idea of the costs of producing a bulk print run, you can use Type & Tell’s online print cost calculator, which will provide you with an accurate figure to work from.  


All that’s left is to finish writing your book and give the process a try! Type & Tell are here to walk you through the necessary steps that you’ll need to take to capitalise on your talent. If you’d like to find out some more information about our service, then get in touch with Type & Tell today and a member of our team will be at hand to chat with you.

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