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How to Publish an Ebook

Learning how to publish an ebook is quite challenging for starters. Type & Tell is a reputed UK-based publishing services provider that has new authors to publish top-notch ebooks. Working with us helps you to self-publish your book, with our highly experienced professionals ready to assist you to enrich and market the            finished book.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         We are willing to guide our clients through the entire process of publishing their ebooks. Our experts ensure that the written content serves the needs of the intended readers. We offer the best self-publishing services that provide the author with an opportunity to control the content, the title, and the cover art. Before you publish your final manuscript with Type & Tell, we can ensure that the content meets professional formatting standards and with some packages can guide on expectations of a target audience.


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The Intended Use of the Ebook

Before publishing your ebook, it is worth thinking about the wider benefits of the book. It may be that the book is simply something you’ve always dreamed of putting out for your own satisfaction, but you can also use your ebook to promote an online business or even motivate other readers. Working in close collaboration with our experts will help you to cover your areas of interest and spread the awareness.

Our experts can advise you on the practical way to sustain an engaging flow while organising and structuring your ebook. We can also guide you through researching and collating useful and authentic information to get a sense of how to best meet the expectations of the target audience.

Having the Book Edited

Our professional editors work with authors to shape and enhance their ebooks. Hiring the services of a professional book editor guarantees that the manuscript is ready for publishing. You could also benefit from revising  the content with local book workshops, writing groups or readers before enlisting a pro editor. Type & Tell is known for providing the best, affordable and fast self-publishing services.

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Creating the Ebook

Our online book editor can help writers to format and convert their ebook manuscript files to PDF or Word formats. We ensure that the published copy looks great on mainstream tablets and e-readers. You just need to send us the finished manuscript file, and our experts will work on all the other parts. If you have not yet created the cover design of your ebook, we offer packages that can help you to plan your ideal design.

Distributing the Ebook

Setting up an international distribution network is one of the fundamental steps when publishing an ebook. We ensure that the completed ebooks are available in leading online ebook stores like Kobo and Amazon. Broad ebook distribution assures the target audience will access the ebook.


Promoting the Ebook

After ensuring that your ebook is widely distributed, you have to ensure the public knows that the book exists. You need to explain to the target readers why they need to purchase the ebook. We can help you to promote the ebook even before the publishing is completed. Our charges are competitive but offer a great chance of success in terms of engagement and sales.

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Benefits of Working with Type & Tell

Working with professionals ensures that the final manuscript is checked for layout and content organisation and proofread. We do not publish any ebook until the material has been put in the ideal format. Our experts can guide you from the start to the end. Authors need to write their content in an organised and planned manner.

If you choose the Pro package with your own publishing mentor, one of our experts will help you divide your book into various sub-topics and chapters. We can also provide help with the visuals needed to help your book to look the part. We use the latest Word-to-PDF conversion software to convert the manuscript into a PDF file. Many readers prefer PDF files for their high legibility and user-friendly features.

Our professionals will also provide an ISBN and registry with the British Library. Additionally, it’s worth noting that you keep 100% of book sale profits when you self-publish with us. All these benefits explain why we are one of the leading options on the market. This will help you to continue enjoying a wide audience once your ebook is published in leading online ebook stores.

Working with Type & Tell makes it easy for you to publish your ebook. Our packages are affordable, but we never compromise on quality. Get in touch with us today to discuss using our services to enjoy the best ebook publishing experience.