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How to Publish a Book Online

In recent years, there has been a growing shift towards self-publishing as authors at all levels seek to escape the limitations imposed on them by traditional publishing houses. Large publishing companies have always reserved the right to a large percentage of the profits generated by their authors’ book sales, but many writers are now finding it’s actually a lot more profitable to publish and market their books independently. The playing field is being levelled as more authors begin to enjoy control over their profits and distribution.                                                                                                                                                                                                So how do you go about publishing your book online? For those of you who might be uncertain about what the self-publishing process actually entails, here’s a quick breakdown of each stage to help get you started.

Typesetting and Design

The first stage of the self-publishing process is creating your book. Using Type & Tell’s online book editor tool, you can upload an existing manuscript from a Word document, or you can also type your text directly into the space on our site and edit it as you go. Once your completed manuscript has been checked and double-checked, it’s time to typeset your pages.

You can design your own unique layout on our site and choose a book format and size to suit your particular genre, market and ambitions. Another important factor that you’ll get to decide on is the cover of your book. You can upload your own cover already designed, or some of our more advanced packages also offer beautiful bespoke cover designs which you can choose from to represent your book and appeal to readers.

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Editing your book

Collaborating with an editor will greatly improve your manuscript and enhance the overall experience for your readers. It’s always important to get a second opinion on your spelling, grammar and punctuation use to ensure that your book is completed to a professional standard.

Here at Type & Tell, we have an experienced team of editors who are also able to review factors such as your plot, narrative pace and character development. Each of our packages come with various levels of editorial input. T&T Basic is as the name suggests, with no specific editorial support available in this package. However you can select any chosen editorial service you might need at clearly defined add-on prices. The T&T Plus offers discounts on further editorial input, while T&T Professional comes with a wide range of advanced editorial services including the option to meet with a personal publishing mentor.

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Publishing & Registration

The next step in getting your book officially registered and published is dealing with the ISBN number registration and obligatory legal deposit. Having an ISBN number, or International Standard Book Number, is vital for your book to be recognised both domestically and internationally. Many libraries are adamant on stocking books with official ISBN numbers only. It also gives your book a better chance of being found by potential buyers online and in person.

With Type & Tell, ISBN number registration is included as part of all of our publishing packages. Even our T&T Basic package at £199 includes an ISBN purchase that would cost £99 on its own. Considering everything that is included in our self-publishing packages, this is great news for authors and means that it is definitely worth your while to self-publish with us.

Another part of the publishing process for all books is the legal deposit. This involves sending off a copy of your book to the British Library in order for it to be officially registered. This is a legal obligation and it’s required of all publications in the UK. Again, the legal deposit is a service that’s included with all T&T publishing packages, meaning that you’ll save on time and expenses as we take care of it.


Marketing your Book

Successful marketing is essential for any author attempting to make their book a profitable venture by reaching their intended target audience. Although Type & Tell don’t run marketing campaigns on behalf of authors, we’ll equip you with materials and training to curate your own campaign. We’ll also advise on getting the price and metadata of your book right, which is a large part of selling books to potential readers.

Both the T&T Plus and T&T Professional packages include a variety of marketing services that cover all platforms. Social media and browser ads can be a very effective way to target your potential readership, and we’ll work with you to create them. Our design team are also able to supply you with printed marketing materials such as bookmarks and postcards for live events and postal campaigns. 

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Ongoing Print Services

With each of Type & Tell’s publishing packages, you’ll receive a certain number of print copies to use in any way you wish. You may choose to keep them, or to distribute them among your friends and family. Each package comes with the following number of copies: T&T Basic: 5 printed copies, T&T Plus: 10 printed copies and T&T Pro: 20 printed copies. Beyond this, there are two main ongoing print options, these are:

A full print run, where you order and print a batch of copies to distribute independently. You may wish to sell some online, or stock them in a local or national book retailer. If you’re printing in bulk, then it’s worth bearing in mind that the more you print in one order, the cheaper each copy will be for you to purchase. This method offers the lowest cost per item, but the downside is that you may have a surplus if you don’t manage to sell all of the copies. However, if you already have a particularly strong readership then printing in bulk can be very worthwhile.

The other option is Print on Demand, whichcan be utilised through all major bookstores and online retailers. Each book is only printed as customer or bookstore orders are placed, ensuring that there is no surplus of books which run the risk of going unsold. There is a higher print cost per book, with on demand printing, but it’s the best option to start with if you’re uncertain about how many sales your book will make.

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However you choose to distribute your book, with Type & Tell you keep 100% of the profits made by your books, whether they’re print copies or e-books. You’ll find that self-publishing gives you more control over every aspect of your book. All of our publishing packages come with the option to utilise bulk print runs and printing on demand, either individually or in tandem.