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How to Promote a Book

Type & Tell is a leading UK-based publishing services provider which provides customers with golden tips on how to promote a physical and/or ebook. Mastering how to market a book is crucial for authors. Traditional authors and self-published authors must learn how to target their potential readers. The writer must first appreciate the likes, habits and favoured retail spaces of the target audience. Every contemporary author needs to know how to properly promote a book.

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1. Social Media

Social media provides a fantastic platform for marketing paper copies and ebooks. Social media offers numerous opportunities to let the target audience know what a given author has created. The author can start discussions on Google Plus or LinkedIn and then link to the particular ebook. Tweeting memorable quotes from the ebook will also influence many potential readers to consider the book.

Quotes need to be short and insightful. The writer can also post a link in their LinkedIn or Twitter bio to the download page. Social media sites also provide the best opportunity for direct outreach. Direct outreach involves asking close friends, colleagues, and influencers to consider the content included in the ebook. Asking them to share with their loved ones and friends will also help in marketing the product.

2. Retargeting Ads

This form of promotion allows the author to share specific ads to the target audience who have visited the site previously but never converted into a book purchase. Retargeting allows them to complete the buying process and make that purchase. Most authors add the tracking pixel to their sites to target recent guests. Other sites that allow banner ads can help the marketer to target ads to such visitors.


3. Guest Contributions

Contributing to different blogs and providing helpful content is another efficient way of promoting a print and ebook. Successful marketers reach out to websites and blogs whose audience suits their target market. Online marketers should select a blog topic related to the content of the book. The author should always remember to include a link to the download page of the ebook.

4. Popup Ads

The author can decide to create a banner at the bottom and top of blogs and on the side bar of personal web or blog homepages. The banner should be eye-catching, and the content title needs to be distinct and precise. Potential readers should find it user-friendly and appreciate the benefits of downloading and reading the content. A banner that contains a small graphic or image is easily seen by the target visitors.

The author also needs to ensure the banner image is connected to the click popup code. The click popup is only activated when a guest clicks on a designated word, image or link. Click popups have helped many authors to promote their books. Markers can utilise website popups to promote different types of contents on their blogs and sites. With some of our packages, we can advise on how to best use these features.

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5. Google Adwords

Over 2.6 billion online users can reach Google Adwords. More than 90% of internet users get a chance of seeing Google Adwords. Google serves as a reliable instrument for instant conversions and ensures the print and ebook is viewed. The author decides the ideal visitors to see the print and ebook. The marketer can opt to target depending on family, gender, age, city, nation and a variety of other demographic factors.

Language can also be used to narrow the search. Narrowing the audience reduces cost due to the exclusion of parameters such as age groups, languages, and countries. The author can also use Adwords to attach relevant keywords fundamental for targeting ebook topics. This provides the marketer flexibility to optimally target the ideal visitors. The author can select different keywords provided that the ebook is placed on landing page optimisation considering factors like:

-Best practices for landing pages

-Landing page mistakes

-Lead generation pages

-Landing page optimisation

6. Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the best places to target a specific audience. The author can create Facebook Ads through Newsfeed and Sidebar ads targeted at exact demographics. Based on the lead value, the author decides the estimated budget and the total number of visitors who will be exposed to the particular ad. The marketer just needs to use a compelling text and image to capture the attention of visitors.

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Working with Type & Tell provides you with the best opportunity for mastering how to market a print and ebook. We will help you to overcome the common hurdles to getting your new book read. Type & Tell provides comprehensive online tips for marketing ebooks. We assist both well-known publishing authors and self-publishing writers to use digital marketing to sell their content. For more information on how we can support your self-publishing journey, get in touch with us today.