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How to Market a Book

For any book, successful marketing is essential in order to reach your audience and make sales. Here at Type & Tell, we guide authors through the self-publishing process and equip them with the necessary tools and materials to curate their own advertising campaigns. This guide is intended to offer some guidance on the best ways to go about marketing your own book to help ensure maximum exposure and engagement.

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Marketing a Book through Social Media

Social media has proven to be one of the cheapest and most effective marketing tools there is for authors. Sharing your book on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Google+ and Pinterest will mean that a lot of people gain interest in your book. At Type & Tell, we’ll help you to optimize your profile as well as select the most effective time for reaching people.

On Facebook, you could promote a book by commenting on threads in groups or on other people's threads. You could also create a Facebook post on their Facebook business page or run a Facebook ad that is closely linked to an event. Creating a Facebook group for your book or topic will also go a long way to promoting your book. While on Twitter, you should be sure to tweet any social media influencers within your niche. Getting testimonial videos from your fans and posting them on these social media platforms is another audience convincing method.

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Using Creativity in Marketing

The most successful marketers usually "think outside the box". It is the little things one does differently in a promotion that places them above their competitors. At Type & Tell, we’ll help you to use your book's theme to create marketing connections. Producing a creative summary that grabs peoples' attention and inspires them to read your book is essential. You should also write an author biography that brings out your personality and gives your readers reason to identify with the book.

When launching your book, you should aim to be as creative as possible. It may be beneficial to time the announcement of the release of your book around a significant date or news event. Attend or write a proposal to present at an event so as to gain connections and credibility. Launching your book at a unique place that relates to the content of your book and teaming up with other big names in the publishing industry heightens the excitement of your audience. Make the launch a big event and invite as many people as you can. 

Building an Email List

Building an email list can be one of the best ways to reach your existing readers. To encourage people to sign up to your email list, add a link to your book or in articles and blog posts. Invite people to subscribe and make it worth by sending them remarkable content. Keep your email list in the loop and ask them for feedback about your book and the content you send them. For every email that you send, be sure to include your upcoming book or a link to your blog or your book's website. 


Other Ways to Market a Book

There many more ways to market a book. At Type & Tell we employ marketing strategies across a number of platforms, in order to provide our authors with diverse and far-reaching campaigns. We’ll make your book available throughout the largest online libraries and book retailers around the world and ensure that your title is easy to find.

Marketing your book is a non-stop process. As an author, you should remember to link your book to trending topics once it has been published in order to remain relevant. It would be beneficial to strategically guest post on other blogs and journals as often as possible and tempt your readers with content relating to your book. These ideas among others will see a rise in popularity of your book which will automatically lead to more sales.

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If you’d like to find out some more information about the self-publishing process, then get in touch with Type & Tell today. We have a friendly and knowledgeable team at hand who are able to chat with you regarding any marketing questions that you may have.