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How to Make a Book

Today, the process of making a book has been made simpler than ever before with the advancement of online publishing and new printing technology. Here at Type & Tell, we provide aspiring authors with the freedom to decide exactly how their book is published and distributed. Whether you have experience writing novels, or you’re just beginning your journey, we have a publishing package for you. If you’re uncertain about what the whole process entails and what the costs will be, then you need not worry. Our publishing experts have put together a simple step-by-step guide for anyone wondering exactly how to make a book as an independent author.

Getting Started

Once you’ve decided on the type of book that you’re going to write, you should plan out your plot and chapters in detail and conduct any research that may be needed. This will help you to ensure that your book fits the market and that there will be popular demand for it once published. Once you get down to writing the book, Type & Tell’s online book editor tool can be used to type your manuscript in to, or if you’ve already completed your manuscript through another platform such as Word, then it can be easily pasted over. You can easily save and edit your work as you turn your initial draft into a completed manuscript.


Where we come in

You may be writing a book to distribute among friends and family, or perhaps you’re writing a book to reach the wider market. Here at Type & Tell, we are determined to make the whole publishing process as easy as possible for authors, so that you can devote your time to writing the book. We have a team of experienced professionals whose services include design, editing, marketing and printing. All that we require from you is a great manuscript.

Once you have written, correctly formatted your book and designed an eye-catching cover, you’re half way there. You should also ensure that your book pricing and metadata is made to attract potential readers. This can be discussed with a personal publishing mentor, who will have experience self-publishing a book within your own niche. For buyers, a large part of online book purchase is reading reviews in order to get a flavour for the book. You should urge your readers to review your book on the sites where they have purchased them, as this will be an effective form of marketing in itself. 

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Produce and Register your manuscript

Once you finish writing your book with our online Book Editor tool, you need to edit, typeset and double-check your work. It is recommended that you hire an editor to help you spot small mistakes that can be easily missed. Additionally, you’ll need to typeset and re-check your manuscript to ensure that your final work meets the required professional standards. One of the following publishing packages will be used to transform your manuscript into the final product. They include T&T Basic, T&T Plus and T&T Pro. We can help you to select the right package depending on your available budget and your required level of publishing and marketing assistance.


The Book Editor provides you with a printed PDF print file. If you require your book come in electronic version an EPUB file will be used. Your book will be readable across different platforms such as Nook and iBook. Type & Tell also ensures that all the files of your book are well formatted and ready for release. This is done through running a full technical review with the help of one of our expert staff. If it is your first time making a book as an independent author, a chat with one of our personal publishing mentors will allow you to learn more about our services. Your mentor will take you through the whole process from the beginning to the end and help you to curate your own successful marketing campaign.

Once this is done, you will need to register your book. Usually, self-publishing authors need to get in touch with the British Library, since here in in the UK, the law demands that every new book that’s written must be registered. In addition to this, ISBN number purchase is also needed. However, with all of the Type & Tell packages, we include ISBN number purchase and official registration of your book. This means that our authors can devote all of their time to writing the perfect book without having to worry about administrative processes.

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