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How to Get Published

The practice of self-publishing has been in existence for many years, and while it carried no particular stigma, it was pretty inconvenient for both buyers and sellers. This is because bookshops have traditionally stocked from publishers, meaning that self-publishing authors had no means to properly get their books out to readers. However, thanks to the emergence of online retail and e-books over the past few years, this situation has changed and self-publishing is now more popular than ever before.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Here at Type & Tell, we support independent authors by eliminating the need for them to sign with traditional publishers in order to be successful. The writers that we work with are able to set their own terms and pick out the ideal package to efficiently publish and sell their book/s online.


Our Process

We have made self-publishing a smooth and stress-free process. You simply need to type your manuscript out in our online Book Editor, or you can easily import it from another platform such as Word. From there, your book is set for publishing through our four-step process. The publishing process is made very simple via the Type & Tell site, and it does not require any technical skills. Our experts will help you to publish any book quickly, affordably and professionally.

So how do you know if your manuscript is ready to be published? Well, once it has been written, it must be edited, double-checked, typeset, designed and finally triple checked. When you use our Book Editor tool to create your book, you’ll get to choose from three publishing packages to access the final print-ready files. Each of our three publishing packages come with their own benefits and cater to different budgets and needs. We guarantee that all published books will meet professional standards, and that is why each publishing package covers a technical review of your book files by our highly skilled staff. 

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Book written, typeset
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Publish with Type & Tell

Publishing with Us

All Type & Tell publishing packages take into account the legal aspects involved in publishing. According to UK law, every new book must have a ISBN code and be registered at the British Library. The registration of ISBN and legal deposit covers both your print books and e-books. Authors also have the option to request additional marketing, technical and editorial services to be included in any of their chosen packages, should you find that this is needed at any stage throughout your project.

Once you have finished transforming your manuscript to a print ready file, you’ll need to determine which format to sell and distribute your book in. Type & Tell facilitates both PoD (Print on Demand) and e-book distribution. While we hope to make the sale and distribution of your book highly effective, you may have to personally up weigh the pros and cons of each distribution format.

PoD makes use of digital printing technology to produce books as per the demand. While it remains a cost-effective and risk-free solution for authors, PoD can negatively affect price and book profits when compared with bulk printing. E-books on the other hand are cheaper and easier to sell; especially when Type & Tell’s global distribution network. 

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Book written, typeset
and ready to go?

Publish with Type & Tell

Marketing Potential

Here at Type & Tell, we understand how difficult it can be to get your book seen by potential readers and this is why we take the initiative to help you identify and target potential readers. We are passionate about helping authors to succeed, and we can even arrange for mentorship meetings with professional writers who have self-published within your niche. You’ll receive guidance on the whole publishing process from start to finish and you can also benefit from suggestions regarding your plot and character development by opting for the T&T Pro package.

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Additional Benefits

Type & Tell makes the publishing process accessible and easy for everyone, regardless of their writing experience or publishing expertise. Another benefit of working with us is our worldwide network, which means that your book can be made available in all formats from the largest online retailers and libraries around the globe.

Unlike traditional publishers, Type & Tell only act as a service provider and we will not take a cut of your earnings. The only thing that you pay for is your publishing package and thereafter, you are entitled to 100% of all royalties made by your book. So, if you’d like to hear more about working with us today, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team are at hand to answer any of your questions and provide you with a more detailed outline of the self-publishing process.