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How to Get a Book Edited

Having your book edited is now a simple process. Type & Tell has professional editors who have worked on many manuscripts published in the UK. Each of our editors must prove exceptional capability to produce productive and well thought out feedback. The editors must also demonstrate professional knowledge of different writing styles and offer a high level of insight.                                                                                                                                                                                               Our expert editors have a proven track record of following the highest standards and maintaining quality in their writing and editing. All the work sent to us can be critically reviewed by an experienced professional editor before returning it to the writer with appropriate feedback, just choose the package with this service.

How It Works

You begin by choosing your preferred service that best suits your budget, needs, and timelines. The next step involves placing an order. You just need to complete our secure and straightforward online order form. You can then upload your document, and a professional editor is assigned to review your manuscript within the shortest time possible.

Having the help of a professional editor, while it cost considerably more than our more basic packages, is a highly beneficial move for an aspiring professional author. It is this kind of input that allows you to elevate the quality of your book to the next level. You get a professional level of support akin to that at a publishing house, but manage to retain full control of the profits and rights to your book. It’s a win-win situation!

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Different Types of Editing Services to Consider

Apart from proofreading your completed manuscript, our professional editor can also provide you with three major types of editing services: line editing, copy editing, and content editing. Line editing focuses on eliminating any spelling, verb tense, grammar and punctuation errors from your manuscript. Your editor also ensures that each umlaut, colon, and comma is actually where it is supposed to be.

A copy editor performs the necessary tasks of checking and assisting you with enhancing the readability of your book or novel. The editor ensures that your style is consistent and your prose is smooth. Content editors focus on the bigger picture of your manuscript. A professional content editor is quick to identify lagging pace, unnecessary exposition, character inconsistencies, wandering timelines, and plot holes.

There are various price points available with Type & Tell, but our professional editors can perform all three editing tasks for a competitive price that will depend on the size of your manuscript and services you need. 


Benefits of Working with Type & Tell

Our editors will provide you with professional, courteous, and prompt responses. As a client, you need to be willing to work with your personal publishing mentor on ensuring they assist you in realising your writing goals fully. Our expert editors have vast experience in line, copy, and content editing.

Working with a professional editor with experience in all three areas assures you of a quality edited manuscript. Our professional editors save you from performing the tedious task of doing the typical Google search or perusing Yellow Pages to find a responsible editor. You can seek referrals from colleagues and friends who might have used our services in the past. We never disappoint our clients. Timely delivery and quality work are guaranteed every time you utilise our publishing service.

Another benefit of Type & Tell is in our printing model, with the option for discounted bulk print runs and/or ‘Print on Demand’ services to avoid any surplus books. With the PoD model, you receive 100% of book sale profits once printing and delivery has been covered, as well as 100% of ebook sales.

Books created with Type & Tell's Book Editor

Type & Tell boasts many professional editors with vast experience in editing quality manuscripts. Working with us assures you the best chance of success. Our professional editing services are always tailored to meet the unique needs of each author. For more information, get in touch with us today.