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How to Find a Publisher

New authors can struggle to get a reputed and professional publisher who will take them through the complex process of book production and distribution.  But you can self-publish your book easily with guidance from Type & Tell, an           experienced and reputed publishing services provider in the UK with vast                       experience in the industry. Our publishing packages are tailored to meet                      the needs of each writer and we have been able to make the process                                                    simpler than it’s ever been!                                                                   We also connect you with the leading book markets. You do not need to have previous connections or agents to become a good author. Our experts can ensure your finished manuscript meets all professional standards and market expectations. You just need to master a few tips to excel in the writing world.

Tip#1: Write the Book

You of course have to have your written book in mind, ideally close to completion, before deciding to self-publish. You may need the help of our professional editors to guide you through as you write your full-length book; this service is available with some of our publishing packages. You’ll need discipline as well as skill. You have to define your target readership for your book and write with them in mind. Our professional editors can also help you to write a book that best suits a specific genre. They will also help you to understand the particular book market better.

Tip#2: Research the Market

Research is a crucial step while planning to publish a book. You need to look for other great writers who have covered your topic in the past. You can search online for other authors who create books that suit your chosen category. Type & Tell is suited to many different categories of books and novels, including fiction and non-fiction genres.



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Tip#3: Choose a Promising Publisher

We can become your companion in taking steps towards your writing career, able to take you through creating quality manuscripts in different genres ranging from Sci-Fi to Poetry. Our editors can offer you executive services to aid the completion of your book. We are ready to guide you through formatting the entire manuscript. We publish books from both agents and unsolicited manuscripts. You can call or write to us at any time to discuss your specific publishing needs further.

Tip#4: Preparing the Manuscript

You can type your book directly into our online book editor tool, where you can see for yourself how the interior is typeset. Once complete, your book will go through a technical review, ensuring that it meets all industry standards.

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Tip#5: Choosing Your Publishing Package

You can select from a variety of publishing packages with Type & Tell. Depending on the package you choose, our editors and designers can offer varying degrees of input to your manuscript as it moves towards becoming your finished book. Therefore, it is crucial to only send the relevant parts of the document. You need to wait a few days for us to analyse your proposal or query. The size of the manuscript determines the time our editors will take to review your document.

Tip#6: Editing and Rewriting

Our editors can provide you with regular feedback and guide you on how to improve the quality of your book. You can also continue writing other literary materials that can assist you to hone your writing skills like short stories and articles. You just need to welcome both positive and negative feedback. You need to work on your weak points before proceeding to publish the final manuscript.

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Tip#7: Publishing the Manuscript

Our professional editors will only submit your manuscript for publishing after ensuring that it meets professional formatting standards. You can also ask any questions related to the published document before distribution and marketing.

Tip#8: Distribution and Marketing

Having worked in the literary world for many years, Type & Tell can be a valuable partner in distributing and marketing your book. We can guide you on how to sell your finished product through the leading online bookstores such as Amazon and Waterstones. We will also connect you with other big public libraries in your area. We will also endeavour to help your manuscript reach vast audiences through the existing worldwide distribution network.

Type & Tell will guide through the whole journey of publishing your first book and many others. Our experts value every upcoming author. Our publishing services are the most affordable in the industry. Get in touch with us today to discuss your own self-publishing ideas.