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How to Become an Author

Here at Type & Tell, our experience as publishers has allowed us to offer aspiring authors in the UK valuable tips on how to achieve their goals. Every author wishes to create content that attracts an audience. A well written and informative book is easy to sell and working with a quality publishing services provider like Type & Tell assures you of a great platform for creating, publishing and marketing your first ebook.

Tip#1: Selecting the Appropriate Publishing Service

Type & Tell will help you to create an engaging end-product to suit your target audience. Working with a self-publishing service provider like Type & Tell means we are always ready to assist you in enriching the content and editing assures you of a great start in your writing career. We value all of our clients and ensure every copy we make is refined and unique. 

Tip#2: Ensuring Your Voice is Heard

Type & Tell ensures that your voice is heard by increasing the visibility of your book. We exploit all the available online marketing platforms including social media platforms, Google Plus and online stores to spread the word regarding the benefits of reading your print or ebook. We believe that anyone who works with us could become a great author and win a global audience. 

Tip#3: Inspiration Not Imitation

You should not fear being inspired by the ideas of others. The best-selling books feature variations of classic themes and ideas. With some of our publishing packages, we can help you structure your ideal narrative as you find your voice and learn from classic styles to enhance your creative capability. Accomplished authors develop their craft by assimilating the strengths of other writers to make their own original mark.


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Tip#4: Never Give Up

Working with Type & Tell safeguards you from the hurdles faced by many upcoming authors while looking for credible publishers. We guide our clients to make their first steps in the writing world. Who knows, they could be the steps that later propel them into the pantheon of great writers!

Tip#5: Commercial Book Knowledge

As a leader in the UK printing industry, Type & Tell connects new authors with their marketplace. We can guide you on how to sell books online, with commercial viability and quality content giving you a great chance of winning more potential readers. We can guide you on how to network with other authors in the industry. Attending significant book events will also shape you to become a great writer. Working with favoured book blogs can also assist you in marketing and enhance your content. Type & Tell can even help to advise you on best practices for social media and author websites.

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Tip#6: Quantity and Quality

Having your first book published comes with a great sense of achievement. We can guide you on how to deal with both positive and negative criticisms. You have to expect that some readers will find your ebook great while others may respond negatively. Prolific writers never ignore positive criticism from their audience. We can help you to work on these points as you become an accomplished author.

Tip#7: Working with Skilled Editors

We have well-trained and experienced editors to assist you in self-publishing and self-editing. Even our most basic package ensures your book text is formatted perfectly, while with some of our packages our professional editors will help you to correct the grammatical and syntax errors that may exist in the content. Our editors are also experienced in reading and refining manuscripts. We will also ensure that you understand why you need to make corrections in the final draft. Our expert editors also provide authors with external viewpoints. We take time to eliminate narrative leaps and awkward constructions.

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Tip#8: Moving and Reaching Out to Others

We will connect you with other authors who can assist you in realising your writing goals quickly. Type & Tell has worked with many prolific writers who also went through many painful experiences before becoming great authors. Working with other experienced writers will help you to enrich your craft and language. Collaborating with other great writers will help you to incorporate an intimate and welcoming tone in your writing.

Tip#9: Balancing Between Writing and Tasking Jobs

Numerous great writers also have demanding jobs. With our Pro package, your personal publishing mentor can help guide you on how to balance full-time employment with creating sellable book content. If you don’t want to quit your current job to become a writer you don’t have to!

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Tip#10: Finding a Seller

We can connect you with reliable and dedicated retailers who can assist you in the selling and distribution of your content. We also work with agencies to help our customers to sell their ebooks.

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Type & Tell is your ideal publishing companion if you wish to learn how to make your own book. Becoming an author is now easier than ever. Contact us today, and we would love to discuss your self-publishing needs and guide you on how to write and publish your own book.