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How Much Money Do Authors Make Per Book?

Many writers begin their writing career as a hobby. It is this passion to write that leads them up to the realisation that they can write for a living. For anyone who has ever thought about this, the next question is usually “how much money do authors make per book?”. Here at Type & Tell, we can assure you that writing is far from a get-rich-quick fix. It is a career that calls for a lot of hard work and determination. But with sharp writing skills and the right information about the publishing industry, you can get to levels you never imagined. There are now a number self-published authors making a lot from their hard work. If you’re thinking about becoming an independent author, here’s why there has never been a better time to do it than now.

A New Opportunity

Some years back, getting your book to the market as an upcoming writer was next to impossible. Today, so long as you can write well, you’ll be able to find an audience for your book with successful marketing. This is thanks to advanced printing technology, as well as the emergence of ebooks and online book retail. Here at Type & Tell, we make the whole self-publishing process very easy for you by walking you through step-by-step. We understand that the publishing process has seen many writers' dreams broken, and we are devoted to making sure that this no longer happens.

There are many great writers whose works were never read, because of the costs associated with getting their book to the market. We are here to even the playing field for writers. With Type & Tell, all you have to do is make sure that your manuscript is both engaging and well-written, and then we will guide you through the rest of the process. 


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Publishing with Type & Tell

At Type & Tell, we give you a chance to publish your own book and retain 100% of the profits that it makes. We don't stop there; there’s also the option for us to sell and distribute your book, with experts at hand to help you with its marketing and promotion. With all of our packages, we’ll sort out your legal book deposit and acquire an ISBN number for you, leaving you to focus on what you are best at; writing. We also give you a choice of our 3 publishing options, with packages varying in price, depending on the different features that are included. You can go for:

T&T Basic: It is the cheapest package that will cost you only £199. This is great value considering the fact that ISBN purchase alone would cost you £99. The basic package is a simple and fast option that’s suitable for a writer starting out with little capital. You’ll get a technical review of your manuscript and printed author copies to use as you wish.

T&T Plus: The T&T Plus package builds on the features offered by T&T Basic, and it costs £499. Some of the features included are cover design, e-book distribution and 10 author copies.

T&T Pro: If you are looking to create a high-quality book as a professional author, there is no better choice than the T&T Pro. It goes for £3399 and comes with world-class features such as marketing, editing, technical assistance and the chance to meet with a personal publishing mentor.

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Making Money from Your Book

Once you’ve selected and paid for the publishing package that best suits your needs as an author, we’ll go ahead and produce the final print-ready files of your book for you. After publishing the book, the time that every writer waits for finally comes; seeing the impact their book will have on the market and how much money it will make. Unlike with traditional publishing companies, at Type & Tell, authors fully own their books, which means that you can enjoy the freedom of not having a publishing company to answer to.

A key point to note is that we don't keep any of your book sale profits, instead, each writer keeps 100% of their profits for printed and e-books, minus the obvious printing and delivery costs for physical books. Let us give an example of what we mean: If you sold 1000 books at £10 per book and 600 e-books at £5 per book, you will make £13000 minus publishing costs. We believe that you deserve all of the profits generated by the hard work and dedication that has gone into producing your book. Our job is to help authors to realise your writing dream and equip them to capitalise on it.

Books created with Type & Tell's Book Editor

Sales Made Easier

Here at Type & Tell, one of the distribution method that we use is ‘Print on Demand’. This means that we can print the specific number of books needed for an order as it is requested by a customer or retailer. You can print one book for a single order or thousands of books at the click of a button. You will be making money from each sale as opposed to investing thousands of pounds into printing a bulk print run which you cannot be certain will sell. We advise you on how to promote your book so that it will be easily found by your potential readers.

Type & Tell works with

If your book finds a place in the market, you will make direct sales through some of the largest book and ebook retailers worldwide. There is no time wasted between publishing and making sales. The market will react to your book by buying and sending reviews about it immediately. If you are a great writer and you go about marketing successfully, then there is the chance to become really successful as a self-published author.