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How Much Do I Have to Pay to Publish a Book?

If you’re thinking about publishing your own book, then the first thing that you’ll want to find out is what the costs are going to be. Here at Type & Tell, we are in the business of making self-publishing accessible for writers at all levels of their career. We specialise in producing and distributing high quality print books and ebooks for authors who want to take the publishing process into their own hands. Many authors have often dreamt about publishing their work independently, but the associated financial costs is what has held them back from doing so. However, thanks to the emergence of ebooks and online retail, there has never been a better time to promote your work as an independent author. With the right marketing, independent authors can now reach a mass audience and even compete with bestselling authors who have gone down the traditional publishing route.


With traditional publishing houses, the author will usually only receive a portion of the profits generated by their book sales and the rest will go to the publishers. However, Type & Tell believe that authors have a right to all of the profits that their work has generated, since it is their talent that is being capitalised on. This is why you’ll get to retain 100% of the profits made when you self-publish with us.

So how much will you have to pay to publish your book? Our three publishing packages vary in price depending on the desired level of assistance that you wish to receive when it comes to technical, editorial and marketing support. You’ll get to set the price of your own book, although we are able to advise you on choosing the right price for your specific market. It’s then down to you to decide whether you want to publish an ebook or utilise Print on Demand technology through some of the largest online distributors. You may choose to utilise both of these publishing options in tandem, and there’s also the possibility of purchasing your own print run of any size which can be distributed independently. 

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Our Publishing Packages

As previously mentioned, the costs of publishing your book will depend on the services that you require. Type & Tell have broken down the payments into publishing packages to meet the specific needs of the various customers. The packages are tailored to match the ambition and available budget of self-publishing authors or businesses. The packages allow for the addition of standalone services to meet the projects of the publisher. We offer the following packages:

T&T Basic (£199)

For just £199 you get to publish and print with us. This price covers all of the administration involved in the official registration of your book and ISBN purchase, which would cost £99 on its own. As well as this, you’ll get a technical review of your book to ensure that it has been completed to a professional standard. Before printing, you’ll receive a proof copy of your book and print ready files to make one final check. After publication, we give you 5 more printed copies to distribute among your family and friends as you wish.

T &T Plus (£499)

The T&T Plus package allows you to distribute your ebooks and printed books via some of the largest international retailers as well as publishing it. With this package, we’ll also design a book cover for you that’s both eye catching and professional. This will greatly enhance your paperbacks and eBooks, making it easier to attract and sell to readers. Again, your print ready files will be available in the format of PDF and EPUB files, and you’ll get 10 printed author copies as well as a proof copy. You’ll also get a technical review of your book, ISBN purchase and the legal deposit. With the Plus package, you’ll also get to enjoy 5% discount if you desire to take advantage of our typesetting professional including extra editorial, marketing and project management services for your manuscript.

T&T Pro (£3399)

This package has been designed for authors working at a professional level who wish to sell their book en masse. If you want to compete with bestselling authors, then you’ll get excellent value for money with this package. We’ll equip you to market your book to customers around the globe and we’ll get your book placed among the largest retailers. You’ll also get time with a personal publishing mentor, who will work with you on your manuscript, metadata, book cover and personal marketing campaign to ensure that you’re in the best possible position to reach the bestseller charts. After publication, you’ll receive 20 printed author copies.

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As an author, publishing your own book can be very worthwhile when you’re willing to fully commit to the process. If you have any questions about the self-publishing process, or you’d like to find out some more information about the costs that are involved, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Type & Tell today.

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