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How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish a Book?

When considering the potential costs involved in self-publishing, it is important to think about why you are self-publishing in the first place. An author writing a book as part of their career and someone writing for a hobby are unlikely to spend the same amount of money on publishing. Here at Type & Tell, we understand that authors all work to facilitate different needs at different budgets.                                                                                                                                                                             We aim to make self-publishing easy and affordable while maintaining unrivalled professional standards. With Type & Tell, you only need to follow three simple steps: create your book, choose a publishing package and then have your book published.

There’s nothing like the feeling of holding a freshly printed copy of your new book in your hands once your finished manuscript has been completely finalised. While e-books are a very effective way of getting your book out to mass audiences at a low cost, many authors also like to have the option to provide their customers with a printed copy of their book.


With Type & Tell, you’ll get the option to utilise our Print on Demand technology for the process of selling your book through an online retailer. Book retailers around the world will be able to use Print on Demand technology to print copies of a book one at a time as they’re ordered by customers. However, you may be planning to sell copies of your print book independently alongside e-book and PoD sales.


A print run can come in handy when you want to print a few books for yourself to distribute or sell independently, without going through a retailer. Personal print runs are also ideal if you’ve made your book specifically as a personally tailored gift for friends or family members or for your business.



Bulk printing



Once you’ve got hold of your print-run book files, we can then print as many copies as you like, in as many batches as you like. All books ordered via Type & Tell are digitally printed to the highest industry standards, so you can take your pick from a choice of high-quality book formats and print materials. Printing your own book copies through a bulk print run is an extremely viable option if you have a fairly clear idea of how many copies you are looking to distribute independently. As well as allowing you to select a specific physical stock quantity, bulk print runs also allow for a lower cost per unit and lower postage costs than PoD publishing, both of which can save you money.

Print run costs


The costs of each specific print run can vary, depending on a number of factors. The overall price of your print run can be affected by factors including:


  • The number of books ordered – printing your own book through bulk print runs is a process that results in economies of scale. In other words, the more book copies you order in one print run, the less each individual book will cost and the higher your profit margin can become.


  • The length of your book – print books with a higher number of pages will cost more per unit than printing shorter books, with a sliding scale depending on the rough number of pages.


  • The printing format and the type of paper used - certain page formats and paper types may improve the overall presentation of your book, but you’ll have to factor in the extra printing costs that using them may incur. That said, the additionally quality may increase sales.


  • Shipping costs – shipping costs will be added to your printing costs. The cost of the shipping will depend on how many books you order. You will always be quoted a final price for printing and shipping together, before we put the print order through.


You can easily estimate the cost of your print runs by using our online print cost calculator. We offer increasing volume discounts for bulk print runs, starting from 100 copies and up. This makes bulk printing a cost-effective option for self-publishing authors who need to meet a demand for their book.


As always with Type & Tell, you get to keep 100% of the profits that your book generates and you’ll have the freedom to decide exactly how your book is published and distributed. You can order any number of print runs from us; these can be large or small orders. It’s also up to you whether you rely solely on independent book distribution, or whether you also benefit from our worldwide distribution network when it comes to selling PoD books and e-books.


If you have any questions about ordering a print run from us, or about how we can help you with distributing your print runs, feel free to get in touch today and our experienced team can help you out.

Choose Your Publishing Package

To make things simple for self-publishing authors, Type & Tell offers three main publishing packages to choose from. The packages have been designed to meet the needs of different types of authors, from the hobbyist writer to the professional writer. The packages are:

T&T Basic (£199): This involves getting your print-ready files and a technical review of your book. You’ll get 5 author copies to use as you wish, as well as ISBN number purchase and legal deposit for your book. For authors with a mid-range budget, this package is the most cost-effective way to self-publish your work.

T&T Plus (£499): This covers everything included in the basic package, but you’ll also get worldwide print, e-book distribution, classic cover design and 10 author copies.

T&T Pro (£3399): This is a comprehensive package that covers everything you could possibly need to create a professionally-made book, inside and out. In addition to what is covered in the T&T Plus package, it includes 20 author copies, premium cover design, publishing mentoring, manuscript assessment, proof reading and help with marketing your book.

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Additional Publishing Options

Publishing a book involves several phases, from getting the manuscript print ready to when it is eventually for purchase by the reader. If an author decides to work with us but does not want to choose from any of our packages, we can still offer individual services. For self-publishing authors, a huge part of the money spent on publishing usually goes towards editorial services.

At Type & Tell, we have Book Editor Software to help with writing your manuscript. The program helps you create high-quality print ready files from anywhere. The Book Editor also allows you to typeset pages, format and design a book cover, all for free. We also offer professional editorial services to give you the support, reassurance and advice you need to make your book a success. 

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Marketing Services

Marketing is often thought to be another costly aspect of self-publishing. Type & Tell will help you reach your desired audience through three ways. Firstly, we will edit your blurb and book metadata, to make it attractive to potential readers and encourage them buy your book. Secondly, we can design a digital ad for you, targeting specific reader groups. Digital advertising is an effective way to reach masses of people at once. The ad we create can be used on social media or any other suitable platform as part of your own personal campaign. The third and final marketing option is creating printed marketing materials for promotional events and postal campaigns. 


Ongoing Print Costs

You may also have to incur some printing costs at some point, if you chose to print your books in paper format. At Type & Tell, we have created a print cost calculator to help you determine just how much it will cost to print your book. Usually, the cost is affected by the paper colour, ink colour, number of pages and total copy of books needed. To make printing more affordable, it is wise to print more books at once, as the price will begin to decrease once you order any more than 100 copies. Note that if you order a print run, the shipping costs will be charged separately and will depend on the number of books ordered.

Other costs that you may incur when self-publishing include project management fees, book-design fees and distribution fees. Keep in mind that while we offer three publishing packages, the services discussed above are independent of these packages and thus are charged separately as per your needs. Nonetheless, the packages are still great value for money and address some of the common and essential elements of publishing.

Type & Tell works with

If you’d like to find out any more details about what is included in our publishing packages, then head to our site or give Type & Tell a call today.