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How Much Does it Cost to Publish a Book?

Writing a book is an undeniably exciting and personal pursuit which can seem daunting at times, especially if you’re just starting out as a self-published author. As well as the challenge of getting your work down on paper, there’s also the task of publishing your book and managing the marketing side of the process in order to reach your target audience and ensure that your book sells.                                                                                                                                                                               Type & Tell are here to guide writers of all levels through the self-publishing process and ease your workload, ultimately freeing you up to concentrate on completing your book to an impeccable standard. You can take advantage of our online Book Editor tool to develop your ideas and turn them into high quality e-books and paperback books, with the option to have your work distributed on a global scale.

If you’re self-publishing with Type & Tell, then you can enjoy the benefits of working on your own manuscripts, formatting your book and typesetting pages, all through our online program. You’ll also get the chance to design your own book cover or choose from one of our dazzling in-house designs if you’ve purchased the T&T Plus package. Type & Tell, also offer additional benefits such as bulk printing at a cheaper price for your finished manuscripts. You can choose from a number of reasonably priced publishing packages to suit your own specific writing needs and depending on the publishing package that you opt for, you can get a technical review of your book from an experienced writer in your field.


Creating the Book

Once you’ve completed the final manuscript of your work, and you’ve checked it over and submitted the final copy of your manuscript on our site, it’s time start developing the physical appearance of your book. Depending on the publishing package that you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to select the best layout for the back and front of your book or use our online program to design your own eye-catching cover.

Formatted in a similar way to a regular Word document, this process allows you to type up your manuscript in our online book editor, saving it on your desktop and coming back to it for editing throughout the process. Once you’ve finished writing your book, you can upload the completed manuscript and get some helpful feedback from our team. Then, it’s time to typeset your book and choose the format and text size. 

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Publishing the Book

With traditional book publishing, the publishing company essentially buys the right to publish the author’s book and pays the author a portion of the royalties from their book sales. Here at Type & Tell, we believe that authors should be able to enjoy 100% of the profits made by their book, so we aim to give writers as much freedom as possible over their own self-publishing process. While you retain the full extent of the profits generated by your book, you’ll simply decide on your desired T&T package and we’ll get to work.

Another benefit of self-publishing with Type & Tell is that you can become an officially published author without having to purchase a huge print run which might not sell. Self-publishing requires an author to use their own funds in the production, marketing, and distribution of their book. Type & Tell’s packages have been tailored to meet the ambitions of a variety of self-publishing authors and businesses, with each client able to select from one of the three publishing packages available:

T&T Basic is £199. It allows authors to print and publish. It's fast and straightforward and prepares the author’s book for print-ready files. You’ll receive five print copies of your book to either keep or distribute, as well as having your ISBN purchased and legal deposit made for registration with the British Library.

T&T Plus is £499. This incorporates all of the features of the T&T Basic package, as well as an eye-catching cover design, worldwide print and distribution of your e-book throughout all major bookstores and online retailers, as well as ten author copies.

T&T Pro is £3399. This publishing package has been tailored for professional authors who wish to create a high-quality book, inside and out. It comes with a host of additional features including premium cover design,  full editorial services, marketing materials, global distribution and a personal publishing mentor who has also self-published within your own niche.

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Marketing the Book

Most successful self-publishing authors have demonstrated that curating their own social media campaigns, developing emailing lists and making event appearances are some of the most useful marketing tools that can be used to promote your book. Here at Type & Tell, we’ll never charge authors for something that can easily be done by themselves. Instead, we offer a range of high quality marketing materials to support you in your book promotion campaign. Our design team are experienced across varied platforms, and they’re able to create everything from social media ads to printed marketing material for events and campaigns.

Additionally, the Type & Tell Pro package offers authors marketing advice through seasoned industry professionals, who will use their experience in the industry to help you to build a campaign that’s both unique and effective. We’ll also help you to get the pricing and metadata of your book justr right, as this can be a major factor in attracting readers.

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Working out the Costs

With Type & Tell, you’ll have the opportunity to choose one of our three publishing packages. The only other costs that you’ll incur aside from this will be if you decide to print additional copies of your book. For authors, one major benefit of publishing with Type & Tell is that you’ll get to retain 100% of your book sale profits, as opposed to traditional publishers who essentially own their author's books.

Printing costs will all depend on the size and style of your book. You can choose to purchase a larger print run or opt for ‘Print on Demand’ technology (PoD) to make your book available in all bookstores and online retailers across the globe. With PoD, customers can order your book only from retailers, and a fresh copy of the book will be printed at the closest printers and posted to them within a few days. If you’re undecided between these printing methods, then why not opt for both?

Those who are new to publishing may prefer the Print on Demand method if they’re unsure of how successful book sales will be. With this method, each book is only printed once purchased, meaning a slightly higher printing fee per item, but ensuring that there is no leftover stock to go unsold.

If you’re certain that you would like to become a self-published author and sell a decent quantity of books to the public, then you should consider going for a full print run. With this option, the overall cost of your print run will decrease as more books are added. The print cost calculator on Type & Tell’s site will help you to get a clearer picture of your likely cost, with factors such as paper type and page count taken factoring in. 

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We’re really excited to help a new wave of potential authors being their journeys into self-publishing. We’d love for you to get in touch with Type & Tell today, and a member of our team will be able to discuss any of our services with you in more detail.