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Proof reading

The greatest source of complaints in reader reviews is typos. Textual mistakes disrupt people’s reading experience and will ultimately hurt your review ratings and sales. A proofreader will highlight any spelling or typing errors, giving you the chance to create an accurate, professionally finished product.

Your proof reader will work with your finished manuscript. If you haven't yet bought a publication package for your book, please use your watermarked preview PDF, downloadable from your Book Editor.

The price of this service varies depending on the length of your manuscript. You will receive the feedback within four weeks of having selected your editor and work commencing. 

For manuscripts with words counts over 100,000, we ask that you get in touch so we can prepare a bespoke quote. Email us anytime at: [email protected] 

£450 incl. VAT £75
£549 incl. VAT £91.50
£719 incl. VAT £119.83
£899 incl. VAT £149.83