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In-house typesetting

Typesetting is a step in the publishing process that is integral to everything, yet so easy to forget when planning the project.

Our Book Editor is designed to help self-publishing authors do it easily on their own, but we appreciate that not everyone wants to sweat over the smallest detail, or double-check hyphenations in a 300-page manuscript.

This is why we offer an in-house typesetting service by a Type & Tell professional. It’s an easy, speedy way of getting a professional-looking layout for your book interior.

The price varies according to the length of your manuscript and includes a print book interior file as well as an ebook file. You will receive your typeset interior files within four weeks of work commencing. The typesetting service includes one review round with you, after which you can send it back to us for final fixes.

£169 Inlc. VAT £28.17
£250 Inlc. VAT £41.67
£400 Inlc. VAT £66.67
£580 Inlc. VAT £96.67