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Book Editing Services

Self-publishing does not mean having to compromise on standards. Collaborating with a professional editor can be an enormously rewarding creative process, one that will almost certainly improve your manuscript. Our editors are experienced professionals with track records across many genres.

Online Book Editor


Type & Tell’s online Book Editor tool provides self-publishing writers with a fast and accessible platform for creating high-quality print books and ebooks. It can be used for both writing and editorial services, as well as allowing you to design a professional-looking layout for the interior of your book. Typing your manuscript into the online writing editor is the first stage in creating your book. You can take as long as you need to write and edit your book. Every time you add to your manuscript, it will be saved securely to your T&T account. 


You can also make use of our editing services if your manuscript has already been completed through Microsoft Word. You’ll be able to transport the text across easily and make any necessary alterations to it. Type & Tell’s online writing editor has been designed to provide professional editorial and typesetting services in an uncomplicated way. You won’t need any prior technical knowledge to use it and you’ll have complete control over the interior layout of your book. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Once you’ve completed the writing stage of your manuscript, it’s time to begin thinking about the editorial services that you require. Type & Tell’s editorial services are used by authors at all levels in their career, from those who writing a book for the first time to full-time professional writers writing a book for the mass market. While we offer a number of editorial services, it’s vital you double and even triple-check your manuscript over before it’s submitted for final editing services. This way, you can ensure spelling and grammar mistakes are avoided, and producing a professionally-finished and correct book. 

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Editorial services


Manuscript assessment

Fast, actionable feedback from a professional editor. Learn more 


Developmental editing

Collaborate with an experienced professional editor to hone your manuscript and develop your writing skills. Learn more


Proof reading

Work with a proof reader to highlight any spelling or typing errors giving you the chance to create an accurate, professionally-finished product. Learn more


Publishing mentoring

Have a dedicated professional by your side throughout your publishing project, providing general support, genre-specific advice, competition analysis and pricing guidance. Learn more


Our Editorial Services


Whether it’s guidance on developing character depth, enhancing narrative pace, cutting extraneous text or just a second option on plotting, a good editor can be a writer’s crutch, providing support, reassurance and advice. Many bestselling authors say that their relationship with their editor is one of the most important components of their success. You can begin curating your own author’s ‘dream team’ with our selection of experienced freelance professionals, including bestselling editors and publishers. Type & Tell offer four editorial options, which will all differ in pricing depending on your word count.


Manuscript assessment is an editorial option where you’ll receive feedback on your manuscript in the form of a 2-3 page report within 4 weeks of submitting it to us. A professional editor will provide you with fast, actionable feedback, with marked examples in your Word Document. You can then use our online writing editor to make the necessary adjustments before publishing your manuscript.


Developmental editing is an editorial service taking manuscript assessment a stage further by offering authors a chance to work closely with an expert editor who has experience writing in their specific genre. The professional editor will mark your manuscript with clear suggestions and advice. They will consider all elements of your manuscript and suggest any areas that could be developed further or worded in a more precise way. They will compile a report that uses specific examples to make it easier to integrate the changes into your work via the online writing editor tool. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Again, you will receive this within 4 weeks of submitting your work and the price of the book editing services will vary depending on your word count. The professional editor will then continue to work with you through the editorial process, reading through your amends and supplying a short summary of your progress.


Proof reading If you wish to secure a professionally edited manuscript purely in terms of spelling, punctuation and grammar, then you’ll find working with a professional proof reader to be extremely beneficial. Typing errors are easily picked up by readers and will cause your manuscript to appear unprofessional, so it’s essential to avoid making them at all costs. Your proof reader will provide basic editorial services, working with your completed manuscript to help you develop your accuracy. If you haven’t yet purchased a publication package for your book, then you can use your watermarked preview PDF, which is downloadable from your Book Editor.


Publishing mentor This option comes with the Type & Tell Pro package, and it is recommended for full-time authors who wish to dream big and reach for the bestseller charts.  As well as manuscript assessment and proof reading, a professional editor within your own niche will provide you with full editorial services, meeting with you to provide guidance and keep you on track throughout the entirety of the publishing process.

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