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Writing a Book Online

Our book editor is a unique online application which creates high-quality text-based print books & ebooks. It’s designed to allow you to be in control of the process of turning your text document into a book file.

There has never been a better time for independent authors to get their work out to the public and make a name for themselves through online book writing. Thanks to the recent popularity of ebooks and the development of advanced digital book printing technology, self-publishing authors are now in a position to appeal to a mass audience, whilst still maintaining 100% of their profits. Type & Tell have set up a platform for self-publishing authors to write books online before publishing and distributing them throughout a worldwide network.

We believe that authors should have a right to all of the profits generated by their book sales, rather than receiving only a small cut. For this reason, Type & Tell are dedicated to helping writers at all levels to self-publish high quality print books and ebooks. As well as providing authors with a platform for online book writing, we can work with partners to help get your title placed in online libraries and book retailers around the globe. You’ll have much more control over how your books are sold and distributed and all profits will be paid directly into your bank account on a quarterly basis. You only pay for your chosen publishing package and print run, which we’re sure you’ll find to be very cost-effective. 

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How does the Book Editor work?


Write your manuscript

Write your manuscript in the Book Editor or import a finished document. 


Pick the format you want

Choose a book format and size to suit your particular genre, market and ambitions. 


Typeset your pages

Design your own interior layout in our unique, easy to use platform.


Design a cover

Finish off your book package with a beautiful bespoke cover and it's ready for printing.


Writing your book


Our book editor is a unique online application which allows you to create high-quality text-based print books and ebooks. It’s designed to allow you to be in control of the online book writing process, so you’ll find it easy turning your text document into a book file. The Book Editor is formatted in a similar way to a normal Word document. You can write your manuscript directly into the Book Editor, saving it to your secure T&T desktop as you go along. You also have the option to upload a completed Word document straight onto the platform. Either way, once you have a completed manuscript in the system, you can begin to make decisions about what sort of book you want to create.



If you wish to put out books as a self-publishing author, then you’ll also have to consider your options for typesetting. Typesetting is a technical name for the process of laying your manuscript out on a book page. This would traditionally be performed by a professional designer, but with Type & Tell’s online book editor tool, the process has been made a lot quicker and easier. If you wish to write a book online and design your own print-ready files, then our online Book Editor will allow you to produce a high-quality product and save a lot of money in the process.


However, you may wish to focus solely on writing your book online and leaving the design aspects to us. While the Book Editor tool is easy to use, we appreciate that using a new software may not be for everyone. Type & Tell offer a typesetting service where we are able to take the task off your hands and typeset your manuscript in-house. It’s an efficient way to complete your project if you’re stuck for time, and you can be sure that you’re left with a professional-looking layout for your book interior.


Editing your book


Careful editing is a vital part of online book writing. Type & Tell’s online writing editor provides independent authors with everything that they need to edit their books quickly and cheaply. Once your manuscript has been written into the Book Editor tool on our site, it’s time to check your own work over several times in order to find any careless mistakes that may have been made, whether it’s spelling, punctuation use or grammar.


Once you’re happy with the manuscript text, it’s best to get a second opinion. Type & Tell have a team of experienced editors who are able to provide feedback on your work and ensure that it is completed to a professional standard. Depending on the level of editorial input that you wish to receive from us, there are four editorial services that you can choose from. These include:


Manuscript assessment or light touch feedback from an editor in order to provide you with fast and actionable feedback for your manuscript.


Proofreading from an experienced member of our team, who will highlight any spelling or typing error


Developmental editing which give you the chance to collaborate with a professional editor in order to develop your manuscript and improve your writing skills.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Publishing mentoring is also available for authors who wish to receive guidance and genre-specific advice from a self-published author with their field, once they’ve utilised our online writing editor. Collaborating with a professional editor will help to keep you on track throughout the online book writing process, and it will undoubtedly improve your manuscript.


Book Formats


Another important stage in the online book writing process is formatting your book. You should choose a book format and size to suit your particular genre, market and ambitions. Type & Tell offer a number of book sizes for your print books, while your ebook files will be made available in the EPUB2 format, which is compatible with all devices and available through major digital book retailers like Kobo and Amazon.


Our online book writing services also allow you to distribute your print book via on demand printing through some of the largest book retailers, or if you prefer, you could purchase your own print run to distribute independently. There’s a whole host of different possibilities to put together the right formatting and printing package for your individual needs.

Books created with Type & Tell's Book Editor