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Creating your book

Type & Tell are all about helping you to create the exact book that you want to, so with our unique online Book Editor Tool, you can create your own beautiful book exactly as you intended it. Simply type your text straight into the easy-to-use Book Editor, or upload your existing manuscript from a Word document. You can then choose your ideal book format, layout for your interior pages and design for your cover. Simple. Or, you can choose to upload a finished book interior – ready to be sold and printed.

Writing and Editing


Using our website, you’ll be able to create a book online quickly, easily and professionally. After creating an account with Type & Tell, the next stage is to type your manuscript into our online Book Editor. You can edit and return to your work as often as you please, saving it as you go along. It doesn’t matter where you’re currently at in the writing process, as any existing documents that you’ve completed using other platforms can easily be uploaded.


Once you’re happy with your manuscript, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve checked, doubled-checked and even triple-checked it over for any spelling or grammatical errors. For self-publishing authors who create their own books, mistakes can sometimes go undetected, especially when you’ve spent so much time with the same text, but a missed error can make a finished publication look unprofessional. When it comes to editing your work, it’s always best to get a second opinion, which is why Type & Tell offer a choice of editorial services to authors who wish to create a book independently.


Depending on the level of editorial assistance that you wish to receive from us, you can choose to purchase a number of add-on services. Our editorial services include everything from basic feedback and proofreading to developmental editing, which will help you to improve your manuscript and develop your writing skills. For aspiring professional authors who wish to create a book that’s completely polished both inside and out, Type & Tell recommend working with one of our dedicated personal publishing mentors, who have experience across a variety of genres. 

Choosing a book format


When you create a book online with Type & Tell, it can be distributed through Print on Demand as well as an ebook. If you’re purchasing your own bulk print run to distribute independently, then Type & Tell offer a discount on the cost of each book once your order exceeds 100 copies. However, many self-publishing authors have found that on demand printing can a be more cost effective option, especially if you’re unsure of how many books you’re going to sell and don’t want to risk being left with a surplus.


Each format has its own merits, and it’s up to you whether you use them in tandem. Digital ebooks will be produced as EPUB2 files; a reflowable format, which means its size and layout adapts to any reading device regardless of screen size. Our ebooks are compatible with all major digital retailers, like Amazon and Apple. Should you opt for print books as well, then Type & Tell offer a number of paperback sizes for you to choose from when you create your book. 

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Designing an interior


When you create your own book, it’s vital to format the text correctly in order to achieve a professional finish. You can typeset your book pages and design a layout for them, using our online Book Editor tool to turn your text document into a book file. With all of the T&T packages, we’ll review your typesetting to ensure that it fits with the format of the book files. If you’d prefer to just focus on writing when you create a book, then Type & Tell can help you out with our professional typesetting add-on service.


Creating a Cover


If you’re an author who wishes to create a book online with us, then you should bear in mind that the cover is one of the most important aspects in appealing to your readers. You can use our online Book Editor tool to put together an eye-catching design that compels your audience to purchase the book. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Here at Type & Tell, our Book Editor tool makes it easy to upload your own cover design, but if you would like to fully concentrate on writing then there’s always the option for Classic cover design. This is where a member of our design team will consult with you on the type of image that you wish to create before putting together a selection of options for you to choose from.  Our designs can help to give the reader a sense of the genre, style and plot.


If you wish to create a book that appeals to a wider audience, then the T&T Pro package will provide you with premium cover design. With this package, a skilled designer from our collection of freelancers will get to grips with what appeals most to your specific audience and then put together a unique front cover for your print books and ebooks. You’ll have access to a choice of illustrated, graphic or photographic images, meaning that the possibilities for creativity are endless.

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